District is a web-based, real-time banking system which gives you a full, real-time access to accounts in Danske Bank in Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Germany and Ireland with one log-in.

Main features:

  • 24/7 access to all your account balances and transactions - allowing you to monitor incoming and outgoing payments.
  • Access to accounts in different countries with one log-in.
  • Make local and international payments from any place with internet access.
  • You decide how many users should be granted access and what they are authorised to do, for example to view different account entries or to make payments.

District on the go​

You can access your bank accounts via your tablet or mobile phone. You can monitor accounts or approve payment on the go. As a District user, you just need to download the bank's "Business Banking Apps". See more information below.

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Tel: +48 22 33 77 190

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District is a modular system, which means that you may choose which and how many modules to use. Our standard three modules cover all your initial Cash Management requirements:
  • Accounts - provides you with balances and transactions on your accounts for the last 24 months, information on conditions applicable to your accounts and overview of transaction fees.
  • Payments - depending on the authorisation levels that you agree with us, users can create and authorise internal transfers as well as local payments (including social insurance / tax transfers) and international foreign payments.
  • Files - allows you to transfer files to and from the Bank, for example you may wish to request a file that allows you to reconcile transactions in your  accounting / ERP system or to submit a file to process salary payments.

Multi-user access

Your company can have multiple users accessing your District solution.
You decide how many users, what authorities they have, what data they can access and which modules they can access.

Technical requirements

Most recent technical requirements regarding District can be found under the following link (you will be redirected to our Group site).

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